Prof. Alyautdin Renad N

Prof. Alyautdin is at present positioned as the Chair of The Department of Pharmacology (Pharmaceutical Faculty) of I.M.Sechenov MSMU, Moscow, RUSSIA. Experience: Neurophrmacology- curare-like substances, cholinergic system of CNS; mechanisms and molecular pharmacology of centrally acting analgesics; neuroactive peptides, DSIP, enkephalins, NGF. Nanopharmacology: magnet-susceptible drug-targeting; drug-design and drug-targeting to the brain through blood-brain barrier (loperamide, tubocurarine, dalargine, neostigmine, NGF, erythropoietin). New principals of teaching of Pharmacology- case based and problem based instruction. Since 1978, 180 monographs, textbooks, original research articles, reviews and short communications published in Soviet/Russian national and international peer-reviewed science journals.